Monday, January 25, 2010

a new year, a new internship

another day of nonstop rain. san francisco's weather has been far from welcoming. the locals, however, have been incredibly warm upon my return. one in particular, daniel homsey, director of the mayor’s office of neighborhood services, was so happy to have me back in the city that he offered me an internship...well, partnership in his words.

the mission - immerse myself in his neighborhood empowerment network through interviews, pushing envelopes, and getting the point across to several big wigs in this city that the underprivileged are in need... myself included. daniel has also offered to help me find a part time job...somewhere...anywhere... it's about time i started making money. it's been... ...a while... and what better time to start working for peanuts than while simultaneously working on your master's thesis! a major selling point is the idea that i would get to walk into "work" and get to see this:
grand staircases, wedding ceremonies and incredible scultpures. i'm a romantic, it's embarrassing but true.

on a lighter note, california sucks. and here's why-

when i first came back to my chilly, ant/flea ridden apartment, i was greeted with a letter entitled: DENIAL: California Residency for tuition purposes. it later goes on to read that i have not indicated any intention on ever wanting to stay in california post schooling. this sadly puts a damper on my alaskan adventure: i was hoping to use my saved money for a trip to alaska to perform in a piece, present my study and see the many sights.

im currently working on an appeal letter to prove my intentions in the much-less-than-golden-state. here goes nothing...

love and loyalty

Thursday, January 14, 2010

a month in the garden state

when i "crash" landed during the peak of the december 09 nor'easter, i was hoping that it wouldn't have been a preview for what the next four weeks would be like: dizzying and turbulent. thankfully, i was able to get a grip on land and enjoy my time away from earthquakes and deadlines.

i came with christmas gifts, a limited wardrobe for a cold climate and objectives.

- i had to "convince" my folks into taking me to benitos II on mulberry street
- i had to "convince" robin murphy into getting some fresh mozzarella from my favorite little deli in hoboken
- i had to "convince" my friends into carting me over to a particular jersey diner for a fried egg sandwich with fresh tomatoes.
- i had to "convince" sarah murphy into getting a slice of pizza from benny tudino's and every other pizza place in manhattan
- i had to "convince" nova roman into a pilgrimage to new brunswick for a slice of pizza... a few times.

let's call this section the "san francisco offers disappointing italian food so michael felt it necessary to beg anyone with a car to take him to his favorite italian places" i'm not ashamed.

-new york new york new york
- see the tim burton exhibit at the moma

- try to hold back tears upon seeing jack skellington in the ...flesh?
(i don't think i actually achieved this goal. i welled up quite a bit. i regret nothing.)
- visit family, friends and check in on how the east coast has been.
- totally appreciate the gifts from everyone this year.
- have heart to hearts with particular loved ones.
- go on a mini vacation during my vacation. a weekend in the country, let's call it.

we went to the poke a nose... this joke has probably been done millions of times, but it's my turn now.

it was a winter wonderland

i showed some of the courageous kids how to be like jesus and walk on water.

there was also fort construction and demolition...

...face painting...

...some light reading...

... and extreme sledding. the boys team clearly won.

as if my month long stay wasn't already incredible, my last day was spent with tons of friends, family and food. the trip really climaxed on the last night when my family and i danced together in the great room. it was a first for all of us...and it was perfect.

i left feeling rejuvenated and ready for another round of san fran-chaos.

love and loyalty.