Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a phone conversation

(phone rings):

Michael: San Francisco Aids Walk this is Michael...

?: Hi this is (incomprehensible name) can I speak with Leslie?

M: uh, sure. What was your name, again?

?: Tjg-eva

M: Ted-Eva?

?: No. Tuhdiva

M: uh, ok Tuhdeeva hold on one second.

checks for Leslie

M: Hey, Tuhdeeva? Leslie isn't here...

?: (quickly) - That's ok give me Mehera.

M: ...K

(checks for Mehera)

M: Hey Mehera I have a Tuhdeeva for you?

Mehera: ...Eva?

M: ...Uh. Sure.

A few moments later.

Mehera: Hey that was actually "The Diva" from our L.A. office.

M: Oh. We have a, "The Diva"? Who addresses himself as, "The Diva"? Good to know.

Lesson: I clearly do not work in finance.

a piece of mail

actually, it's quite possibly the most obnoxious piece of mail i have ever received.

remind me to stay off my block and away from my neighborhood this weekend.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a suprising alarm clock sound

1st day at new job. Wait, I have at my new job? And...wake up early?...wait.