Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a second coming!

el guincho came back to san francisco and he was soooo good! eric joined me and i warned him that i would be obnoxious and crazed and dancey. he was ok with it.

needless to say pablo once again blew me away.

at one point in the set he was like, "this is my second time in san francisco. did anyone see me at the..."

"the independent!" i shouted.

"yes yes! when was that?" he said with a chuckle because i probably looked so dumbfounded that he heard me.

"october 2008ish and your english has gotten sooo much better!" at this point i realized that i either sounded like a stalker or culturally rude.

until he said, "right! nice!"

all was good in the world.

and the show was incredible.

this is where i stood.

i was too busy dancing to film properly. ill leave it up to these other kids.


adore y la lealtad

oh and here's the encore when everyone got really into it. and yes, you can see me in this one.

a good afternoon

so i actually went through with the motown/graduation/sangria/etc saturday afternoon grillout chillout and it was actually quite successful.

so technically i still was taking antibiotics but i like the taste of my homemade sangria and i wasn't going to let a doctor tell me i couldn't have one graduation/birthday/motown/grillout/etc beverage.

here i am preparing my mother's cucumber salad. that tub of sangria was gone by the end of the night, btw. it was a good crowd. very thirsty.

i kept rahul, mcdermott, nakhter and josh next to the grill because they pretty much were the only ones who knew how to use the thing. i was almost going to get charcoal for the gas grill. thankfully i was told not to.

oh yeah! check out that table! the whole thing was like 700 bucks with the attached drawers underneath but we got it for 140 because roommate jonny and i know how to haggle/persuade/bully sad ikea employees.

there's jonny preparing a graduate/birthday/motown casserole while broken armed jimmy supplied the heart

kinda like this guy from that show about saving the earth or something...

...but jimmy was broken so i dont think he did any saving. i guess he was nothing like that. unless jimmy is also from the jungle. i doubt it.


backyard recreations!

casseroled vegetations!

nevin getting more libations!

and a cake for michael kasian! that almost rhymed too. sure. why not. you probably dont know how to pronounce my last name, either. im actually getting confused about how i say it these days.

but seriously, the cake was made from my favorite ice cream place on the corner of delores park - bi-rite cremery. the best ice cream on the planet.

needless to say i was in complete shock. eric did really good with the cake choice... and he got me a year subscription to the economist! he did very well on both counts.

so as jonny is pouring champagne for a bunch of people - i gotta confess this - i was trying to throw people out of my party so i could eat the cake all by myself - you guys, it was coffee toffee bi-rite creamery cake. no one left, of course. and i played it off like i was joking.

i wasn't joking.

i ate that cake for the next week. and it was delicious.

o and then bb showed up 3 hours late (which is good by his standards)...


and gave me a topsy turvy tomato growing device. hence the sideways photos. it's topsy turvy!

oh and then i also got this massive pepper grinder, some tomatoes (not from topsy turvy, it's still growing) ((i think people here think jersey tomatoes are like a big thing but they aren't really a big deal there, right?)), a couple of scented candles, and assorted wines and foods.

the rest of the evening was filled with debauchery and mayhem (in a motowny/graduationy/grilly/etcy kind of sense) so i wont bother to post them, but needless to say it was a great afternoon and evening.

love and loyalty

Friday, July 23, 2010

a radio interview

sorry for the lack of updates, i've been busy with my full time job (applying for full time jobs).

in the meantime, i was able to continue to progress of my work with city hall.

a new radio station, nenfm, took interest in my work and has interviewed me for their podcast/radio show.

below is a link to the page and ill be sure to post some updates on some other ventures in the past month.

love and loyalty