Thursday, February 24, 2011

a job




commence jumping on bed and screaming wildly.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a cold and then warm and then cold hello

well then. february sure has been interesting, hasn't it? an uprising of historic proportions in various countries throughout the middle east, a battle for the existence of unions and survival of the middle class in the mid-west... and i have seen progress in my job hunt.

i can see how one of these three developments is far less historic than the others, however to me the job hunt has been almost a year long struggle and it may well be coming to an end.

i've seen some more responses to the literally hundreds of job applications i've submitted and interviews and job fairs have become a happy development in my san franstruggleforsurvival. fingers crossed, people.

as far as my health is concerned, i have seen a vast improvement in my digestive system thanks to yet another round of antibiotics, increased rest and decreased stressful situations.

one of the best remedies to decrease stress that i've uncovered? easy - explore parts of the city that i haven't yet seen. now, normally this kind of remedy shouldn't be encouraged during the month of february in san francisco as it's normally raining and miserable. this february has been delightfully uncharacteristic as we've had super warm weather. summer warm. delores park in the afternoon with shorts on warm.

on one particular pilgrimage i came across crissy field.

yeah, after taking a look around i questioned why i never made it there before. it's a living postcard.

eric had taken us there for a particular reason. he made reservations at the house of air.

it's a trampoline adventure world for adult-sized people.

this city is so weird.

a benefit to being an adult at the trampoline adventure land is that you can jump really high and not get too worried about getting hurt as opposed to those smaller versions found in backyards around the world.

another benefit is that you're bigger than your competitors at dodgeball.

the one downfall to slaughtering the youth of america at dodgeball is that they engage in a war tactic called germ-warfare. a mere couple of hours after the battle and celebratory homemade penne vodka and seared asparagus dinner, eric and i developed a serious case of the flu. those little demons may have lost the battle, but they certainly won the war on health. we were sick for days.

now that i am back to wellness, hydration and going to job fairs i plan on staying in a bit more. it would appear that the temperature has taken a turn for the unthinkable - we might have snow this weekend. it's epically cold here, but there hasn't been snowfall in san francisco that has stuck since 1976. this would be pretty intense. ill be sure to get some great photos and footage if it actually happens.

um, a homeless transient is kicking the back of my chair. i think he may have spilled coffee all over himself. can you beg for change inside a cafe? he's doing it. im uncomfortable. i think it's time to go.

before i head out, i wanted to update you on the state of my friend, greg maka, who has been in cairo, egypt documenting the revolution. he has just written back today and i wanted to post his message and some simply stunning photos he has taken.

i will also leave you with two of the best tracks from radiohead's new album. they're beautiful for any climate. have some mint tea and enjoy.

"Sorry for the delayed response, as you could imagine its been a bit hectic these last few weeks to say the least. Just wanted to write and thank you for the positive energy. Things have calmed down now, and daily life has almost returned back to normal. The main exception, not many tourists or foreigners left, and the uniforms of those "keeping order on the streets" have changed a bit."

love and loyalty

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a stunning turnout

day 15 of the "soft revolution" and the numbers are only growing stronger. you have to hand it to them for continuing to engage in non-violent protest.

i am also sending some virtual well wishes to my friend, greg maka (, in hopes that he will remain healthy as he documents this revolution in cairo.

love and loyalty

Monday, February 7, 2011