Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a different kind of alarm clock

it's a good day when a publisher from germany writes you an email asking to publish your work for over 80,000 institutions across the world to gander at.

love and loyalty and germany

Sunday, April 24, 2011

on this day, a rabbit sat on a chicken's egg and hatched a jewish carpenter.... so let's eat chocolate and ham.

anyway, here's a pic for five very special people to me

we're all winners! twenty dollars for everyone!

a special thank you for all of the very lovely cards over the past week. i have a great family.

love and loyalty and paas

Sunday, April 10, 2011

a pretty epic sunday

yeahhhh this was epic.

epic for me. the dorky part of me. the part of me that pursued a master's degree studying political communications and journalism. the part of me that wakes up every morning and listens to independent news reports on the radio and follows twitter feeds of news blurbs from public broadcasters

i went to the 10th annual san francisco green festival and heard Democracy Now's amy goodman speak on issues ranging from her publicized arrest outside the RNC convention of 2008, (which looked like this)

the lack of information in mainstream news reporting and the necessity to end combat in afghanistan. i've admired her for her gusto and commitment to democracy and it was an absolute pleasure to have heard her up close in person.

the best part was when she concluded her speech and had a book signing afterwards...

i got her autograph and got to shake her hand. we chatted briefly and then i whipped out the last copy of my thesis and gave it to her, thanking her for inspiring me to take interest in real journalism.

"wow this is quite an accomplishment," she said happily, "thank you, id be happy to read it."

my body turned to mashed potatoes.

if only i could have eaten myself, because the rest of the festival was chock full of foods that left me with a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

vegan, gluten-free chocolate manna cookies, dried seaweed chips, sunflower loaf, assorted pastes or spreads resembling dehydrated brains and sandals made of old tires and banana leaves. (full disclosure - i actually purchased the tire-leaf shoes...surprisingly comfortable) ...everything else - gross. very unsettling. i went home and had a chocolate milkshake with extra malt. i needed food from the fifties. it was the only way to rid myself of those gross non-food foods.

it's like every time i attempt to go to a farmer's market or some grocery co-op - i wind up wanting curly fries and a pabst... and also a shower... every notice how health food nuts look just as unhealthy and mangy as homeless people? only these people pay wayyy too much for organic foods and products and yet they still look worse off than the rest of us... puzzling. and also, don't they have taste buds? i can't complain too much...for you see, i purchased those tire-leaf sandals. and i liked them. and i wore them to an independent grocer the other day... san franveganpaste may have swallowed me against my will without even knowing! if i write about my new found love of composting tree trimmings or engaging in a mass hunger strike outside of pottery barn until they only sell free-range pottery --- please send for help.

im on a rant... anyhow, hope you enjoyed my shaky coverage! it was a pretty major day for me.

love and loyalty