Friday, September 10, 2010

a new set of jumping tunes

i promise to stop obsessing over this guy, but i am warning all around me that this album will be played constantly in my dwelling for years to come.

enjoy. (#7 gives me chills) ...and try to tell me you aren't shaking your hips around without fibbin'

YT047 - El Guincho - Pop Negro by Young Turks

love and loyalty.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

a pair of tributes

o boy has it been a while or what?

i made a pilgrimage to the homeland (new jersey) to surprise my mother for her birthday and the stay was simply lovely. it was a brief visit and it was spent mostly in a collection of pools while surrounded by my sisters or other monroe folk.

upon my return to san francisco, i was starting to feel a bit under the weather with only a few days remaining before some monroe folk came to see me for a week. around the time that i started to feel at my worst, i was also hosting for the Neighborhood Empowerment Network with my Team at a Craigslist Foundation function.

behold, the power of painkillers.

later that day i had picked up my friends and started a delightful week long exploration throughout the city. it was great to the see them and i'm glad they had a wonderful time, but i just wish i was not going through a crohn's disease inflammation because i was quite a mess.

i've been in bed pretty much throughout the past month resting to ensure a speedy recovery, but in the meantime two wonderful friends of mine made me a delightful video that brought a tear to my eye.

now that i am beginning to feel better, i decided to make them a thank you video for all to enjoy. i am quite in love with those two ladies, and so i had to make a film that i could love almost as equally.

what came out was a video that makes me think of everyone important to me. mission accomplished.

my first film - "la vie en san francisco"


love and loyalty